Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ducktown.. A Quackin' Good Place

Don't worry, I didn't make up the title. There is literally a sign on the side of the road that says that as you enter the little town of Ducktown, Tennessee. Though most of you probably have never heard of it, Ducktown is a very special place to me. Located just over the Georgia/Tennessee boarder by Lake Ocoee (the site of the 1996 Olympics), Ducktown is where my Grandparents decided to live and start their medical business in 1985. AngioSystems is a small, family business, where each of my grandparents' 7 children work. Many of their son and daughter-in-laws and grandchildren work there as well. Though I am actually from Cumming, Georgia (about an hour 1/2 from Ducktown), my parents work there as well, so I spent a good amount of my childhood here (my parents would NEVER move here though... if you ever visit you'll quickly know why). The polygon image highlights one of the main copper mines in the area. They are literally all over. The purple line is my grandparents' commute to work which is less than a mile if you don't include their huge driveway, Hopkins Mountain Road (which is the blue line). Other places on the map are the Ducktown Post Office, Hardees (where my Grandpa always used to get me biscuit and gravy in the mornings), and the Piggly Wiggy--the only grocery store. "River Road," as my family calls it, is actually Hwy 64, the road which runs next to the Ocoee and leads to Cleveland, Tennesee where the rest of my family lives (who are also trying to avoid living in little Ducktown).

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