Monday, May 2, 2011

Ocmulgee National Monument

We took a field trip to the Ocmulgee National Monument here in Macon, GA. The site was beautiful and it was so cool to see the history that the area has to offer. I even got to do flips on top of the mounds. Not many people can say that you know. The monument preserves records of human life in our area dating back to over 17,000 years ago. The mounds were constructed during the early Mississippian period by a culture named the Moundbuilders. They were first seen in the Macon around in about 1000 BC. The mounds which we visited were built between 900 and 950 AD. It was the largest village in the Southeast. The Lamar culture also began here around 1300 AD. The mounds were owned by the Creeks until the 19th century when they were given over to the state. After a great damage was done to the mounds as Macon was developing, Dr. R.A. Kelly studied the mounds and found great historical and archeological value. Because of this, the Ocmulgee National Park was founded in 1936. It is now open for visitors to come and go as they please.

Here are some pictures of the Park and the Mounds

And here is a picture of our class in front of the sign. K not really but that would have been a good idea.

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